The Problem in Cancer

The major problems with existing cancer therapies are due to resistance and recurrence.

Using our patented technology, we safely activate a patient’s own immune cells and pair them with a tumor killing agent and together they work to defeat the cancer and prevent recurrence.

BioEclipse Therapeutics’ Solution – A combined immunotherapy, incorporating immune cells that protect the oncolytic agent from destruction by the immune system prior to reaching its target.

Tumors become resistant to treatment. Most ovarian cancer patients (~ 80%) become resistant to standard of care.

Combination therapy with multi-mechanistic integrated biology:

  • Immune cell delivery of virus specifically to tumor bed
  • Ratio of target to effector (1:1,000,000)

Tumors have various mechanisms to evade the immune system. Tumor cells can hide by changing their cell surface to become invisible to immunotherapies.

Tumor selective virus infects and kills tumor cells:

  • Virus infection causes an increase in stress ligands on the surface of tumor cells
  • Virus interaction with tumor cells makes tumor highly visible to immune system
  • CIK cells target, bind to and kill tumor cells

Metastatic disease and minimum residual disease that are not treated during standard therapy due to resistance or immune evasion, can lead to recurrence.

Durable immune response against multiple tumor antigens:

  • CIK cells attract the adaptive immune system for a cytotoxic T-cell response
  • This response is against tumor antigens from lysed tumor cells
  •  This is a memory T-cell response

Technology Overview

  • A new class of combination therapy within immuno-oncology.
  • Activated innate immune cells deliver an oncolytic virus.
  • Intravenous delivery to solid & non-solid tumors.
  • Safety and toxicity of each component previously tested and established in humans.
  • Target to effector ratio is 1:1,000,000; allows de-bulking of large tumors.
  • Multi-mechanistic, so broadly applicable to several indications.
  • Durable immune response and thus potentially curative.