BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is a clinical-stage oncology company that uses its proprietary technology to develop the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics.
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CRX-100: First in a new class within immuno-oncology


Leading-Edge Therapy

CRX-100 is a potent, intravenous biotherapy that has demonstrated dramatic results in pre-clinical studies against a broad range of cancers. The drug provides three non-overlapping mechanisms of action to conquer the challenges of resistant and recurrent cancers:

  • Oncolytic viral therapy
  • Cellular immunotherapy with cytokine induced killer (CIK) cells
  • Durable adaptive immune response

Groundbreaking Technology

Despite strong safety profiles, cellular and oncolytic viral therapies face limitations when used as monotherapies. Our technology builds on the power of these cancer-killing approaches, overcoming their limitations to create a multi-mechanistic immunotherapy that defeats cancer and prevents relapse and recurrence.


Pioneering Company

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is working to develop a new generation of precise, targeted, curative immunotherapies that bring hope to patients with advanced cancer who have few treatment options.

BioEclipse Therapeutics’ Solution


A combined immunotherapy, incorporating immune cells that protect the oncolytic agent from destruction by the immune system prior to reaching its target.

Developing targeted Biotherapy to deliver CURATIVE treatment to patients with cancer.