Groundbreaking Technology

Solid tumors have been a challenging obstacle for all cancer therapies, including immunotherapies, reporting high failure rates. For six decades researchers have taken steps towards a cure.


Our technology builds on the power of these cancer-killing approaches with a combination therapy designed with an immune cell and oncolytic virus. Together they selectively and rapidly kill cancer cells.


Leading-Edge Therapy

CRX100 is a combined immunotherapy currently in Phase 1b/2a clinical trial. This technology demonstrated excellent preclinical potency against a broad range of tumor types and has been producing exciting data in the clinic.


This is the first in human trial using adoptive NK-T cells combined with an oncolytic vaccinia virus (CRX100). The treatment with CRX100 was well tolerated and induced both clinical and immunological responses in patients with recurrent, platinum resistant ovarian cancer. Based on our clinical observations and translational data, we are currently developing an expansion protocol that include immune checkpoint inhibition prior to CRX100 treatment. The MOA amplifies anti-tumor cellular immune responses in the tumor microenvironment.

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Pioneering Company

BioEclipse Therapeutics has developed a new generation of precise, targeted, immunotherapies that bring hope to patients with advanced cancer who have few treatment options.


The first therapeutic from our platform, currently in Phase 1b/2a, was developed for increased potency that provides three non-overlapping mechanisms of action to conquer the challenges of resistant and recurrent cancers and for the ability to scale our manufacturing process.

The BioEclipse Solution


Our team is bringing treatment options to cancer patients with resistant and recurring solid tumors with the mission of eradicating primary disease while generating a lasting tumor-specific immune response.