Groundbreaking Technology

Solid tumors have been a challenging obstacle for all cancer therapies, including immunotherapies, reporting high failure rates. For six decades researchers have taken steps towards a cure.


Our technology builds on the power of these cancer-killing approaches with a combination therapy designed with an immune cell and oncolytic virus. Together they selectively and rapidly kill cancer cells.


Leading-Edge Therapy

CRX100 is a combined immunotherapy that is entering a Phase 1 clinical trial. This technology demonstrated excellent preclinical potency against a broad range of tumor types.


Both CIK cells and vvDD (vaccinia virus, double deletion) have been shown to be safe in multiple human clinical trials. BioEclipse CRX100 cells are more effective at killing cancer cells than either CIK cells or virus alone. BioEclipse’s clinical trial will be the first to combine both modalities into CRX100, an intravenous, multi-mechanistic immunotherapy.

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Pioneering Company

BioEclipse Therapeutics is working to develop a new generation of precise, targeted, immunotherapies that bring hope to patients with advanced cancer who have few treatment options.


The first therapeutic from our platform, now entering Phase 1, was developed for increased potency that provides three non-overlapping mechanisms of action to conquer the challenges of resistant and recurrent cancers and for the ability to scale in our low-cost manufacturing process.

The BioEclipse Solution


Our immunotherapy platform uses cancer-tracking immune cells that camouflage the tumor-directed oncolytic virus from the immune system and then deliver the virus payload to rapidly kill tumor cells. During this process, a long-term immune response is specifically formed against the tumor.