To develop Targeted Biotherapy to deliver CURATIVE treatment to patients with cancer.

About BioEclipse Therapeutics™

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is an emerging, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to delivering first-in-class, curative immune-oncology therapeutics to patients with cancer.

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ was founded as ConcentRx, Inc and was renamed in 2017, concomitant with launching our clinical strategy, with new funding, and with the build out of an experienced Executive Team and Independent Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors is now made up of both investors and commercial experts. Our patented technology was exclusively licensed from Stanford University in 2016.

The immune system is a complex network of on and off switches that regulate the cellular molecules that protect the body against disease. We used this knowledge of the immune system and of cellular disease to create an immune therapy to fight cancer without reengineering a patient’s own cells. Using our patented technology, we safely activate a patient’s own immune cells, pair them with a tumor killing agent, and together they work to defeat the patient’s cancer and prevent recurrence. This approach not only eradicates cancer cells but also prepares the patient’s body to fight any new growth of cancer.

Our patented, first in class immunotherapy delivers potentially curative treatments to patients over a broad range of tumor types. The first product from our platform, CRX-100, is made up of two components, both of which have been extensively tested in humans with an excellent safety profile. Our science has been reviewed by experts all over the world and numerous peer reviewed publications on our novel therapeutic approach demonstrate that BioEclipse’s combined therapy, through synergistic multi-targeted mechanism of action, shows dramatic efficacy in a variety of in vivo models of disease.

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is preparing to enter Phase I/IIa clinical trials with an intravenously delivered, targeted biotherapy against solid tumors in ovarian cancer patients in 2018.

What’s in a Name

BioEclipse Therapeutics was chosen to reflect the unique mechanism of action of our dual therapy.  Activated immune cells that contain our lytic agent have complementary biology that allows the immune cells to protect the lytic agent from destruction until it reaches the intended target…the tumor cell. This prolonged eclipse period is unique to our immune cells and lytic agents and is the fundamental basis for the demonstration of compelling efficacy against the primary tumor and the ability to reset the immune system to find metastatic tumor cells and eradicate them.


BioEclipse Therapeutics™ Announces Appointment of New Directors and Series A-1 Financing.