Company Overview

About Us

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is an emerging, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to delivering first-in-class, curative immune-oncology therapeutics to patients with cancer. Our focus is on currently untreatable cancers where our unique approach may be able to address needs of patients with cancers that most think not possible.


BioEclipse Therapeutics was founded as ConcentRx Inc and was renamed in 2017, concomitant with launching our clinical strategy, with new funding and the build out of an experienced Executive Team and Independent Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors in now made up of life science company investors, and biopharmaceutical executives with product development and commercial expertise.

BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is preparing to enter open Phase I/IIa clinical trials with an intravenously delivered, targeted biotherapy against solid tumors. Our patented, first in class immunotherapy, CRX-100, delivers potentially curative treatments to patients over a broad range of tumor types. The first product from our platform, CRX-100, is made up of two components, both of which have been extensively tested in humans with an excellent safety profile.


  • Represents a new class of combination therapy within immuno-oncology
  • Activated innate immune cells protect and deliver an oncolytic virus to the target
  • Intravenous delivery to solid tumors, not requiring intra-tumor administration
  • Safety and toxicity of each component has been confirmed in humans
  • Target to effector ratio is 1:1,000,000; allows de-bulking of large tumors
  • Multi-mechanistic: broadly applicable to several indications
  • Durable immune response and thus potentially curative

Numerous peer reviewed publications and intellectual property portfolio, developed by the company’s founders and exclusively licensed from Stanford University, demonstrate that our combined therapy, through synergistic multi-targeted mechanism of action, shows dramatic efficacy in a variety of in vivo models of disease.

Key Characteristics of the Company

  • Passion to bring cures to patients with cancer
  • Driven to apply unique, patented dual mechanism, scientific approach
  • Collaborative engagement with researchers, partners, patients
  • Expert network within Immuno-oncology
  • Experienced Management Team spanning start-up, development stage, private and IPO to public stage companies, with deep scientific and medical expertise in Immuno-oncology.
  • Commitment to solve big, hard problems that most think not possible, through great science and our understanding of the biology of cancers and the immune system.

What Makes BioEclipse Therapeutics Unique

The seven key differentiators for BioEclipse Therapeutics’ dual-mode biotherapy are:

  1. Immune cells protect the oncolytic agent from destruction by the human immune system prior to reaching its target,
  2. Immune cell encapsulation extends the eclipse period for the oncolytic virus, allowing sufficient time (48-60 hours) for the immune cell (IV administration) to reach its target before delivering the oncolytic payload
  3. The therapy is multi-mechanistic
  4. Immune cells and oncolytic virus have integrated biology which dramatically increases the effector to target ratio
  5. The therapy circumvents tumor suppression
  6. The therapy has demonstrated a durable immune response against multiple tumor antigens
  7. The immune cells are not HLA restricted, so an allogeneic scale-up business model is possibility in the future.