BioEclipse looks to synergistic therapies to topple stubborn cancers

Drug Delivery BusinessFor the last 20 years, Pamela Contag has studied cancer. And in that time, the world’s understanding of cancer has changed dramatically.

“I remember when people were saying ‘One gene, one protein,” which we now know is wrong,” she told Drug Delivery Business News. “And then we thought cancer was a disruption in proliferation and really it’s about modulating programmed cell death and stem cells and the tumor microenvironment. And in fact, there’s this huge immunity component to the disease process.

“So we’ve changed a lot from thinking about it as a proliferative disease to really understanding what systems go wrong to allow these cells that normally would die to continue on to make a tumor,” she said.

With decades of academic work and industry experience under her belt, Contag founded BioEclipse Therapeutics in the hopes of bringing therapies to patients with especially tricky forms of cancer.